• Location: North America, Europe
  • Type: World Tour


Content design/animation
The Childish Gambino team came to us at the end of July 2018 with a stage design for their upcoming tour that they were excited about, but content design had so far been a challenge. We set to work with only a couple of weeks until tech rehearsals in Atlanta, ultimately creating a host of sculptural LED statements that reflected and responded to the energy of Donald's dynamic, magnetic performance.
Two Kinesys-controlled LED blades made up the primary content surfaces, and we began by establishing a design language inspired by the shapes and colors from both traditional African art and the Awaken My Love album cover. Further development led us to utilizing negative space within the blades to create the illusion of mythic and monolithic structures sharing the stage with Donald, bringing the Gambino iconography to towering life. The content could also tie in to the automation choreography of the blades themselves for special interactive moments. Other looks were designed to bring the imagery and themes from the lyrical content to life while complementing stage lighting and FX.
Special Thanks

Chad Taylor and all of wolf + rothstein, Christian Coffey, Christian Lamb, Nick Fletcher + the Lucid team

Release date: September 2018
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